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Bespoke Travel Design

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Luxury Cruises

Take the white-glove experience to the sea by having lavish amenities and refined comforts with the thrill of exploration. We offer both ocean and river cruises.

Worldwide Destinations

From exquisite beach escapes to iconic urban hideaways and breathtaking mountain retreats we're here to reveal the full spectrum of what life has in store.

Romantic Escapes

The spirit of romance is woven into the essence of travel—the sense of infinite possibility that comes when nobody knows your name or the intrigue of unfamiliar territory. 

Luxury Group Excursions

Our collection encompasses luxury small group and family journeys, offering opportunities for all-ages adventure and itineraries to exotic locales and exclusive festivals and events.

See the world from your ship balcony

Unique, extravagant, and beyond ordinary - that's the allure of Couture Cruises. Access the inaccessible and discover a world curated just for you. Our Couture Cruises provide an extraordinary journey where we tailor each moment to your taste. And we do mean each moment - from handpicked destinations, personalized experiences, to the elegance of your suite. Expect the extraordinary as standard, be it an exclusive backstage pass to world-renowned landmarks or a private glimpse into the culinary arts of the locales we explore.
With Couture Trips, you don't just embark on a cruise, you enter a realm of limitless opulence floating on the waters.

Explore exotic locales with your closest friends

Gather your favorite people and let Couture Trips orchestrate a group journey like no other. Our experts are adept at designing travel experiences that cater to varied interests within your group yet foster shared memories. Whether you're planning a family reunion, a club outing, or a getaway with friends, we translate your group's unique dynamics into a customized itinerary filled with engaging activities, stunning sights, and moments of connection. Trust us to take care of every detail — from comfortable accommodations to private tours — leaving you to fully immerse in the joy of shared discovery. With Couture Trips guiding your group, getting there truly is half the fun!

Bonne journée

Time to experience Paris!

See the city of light

Perfectly Paris 2024

Travel beyond your expectations!

See Venice by sea

Grab a gondolier! He can take you to a palace for tea with a Countess, or to visit the Basilica San Marco.  Make sure to stop and visit a local ristorante to try the Bigoli in Salsa, a traditional Venice food, tailor-made for seafood lovers. Want to spare some time? Visit the islands of Murano and Burano with their artisan glass and lace workshops. ​Get an authentic look at Italian traditions that have lasted for centuries from a local guide.